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July 06 2018

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Po prostu chcę życia, w którym o poranku zaczytana w książkę, będę czuć jego ciało tulące się do mnie, widzieć jego uśmiech delikatny… Jego oczy o poranku zaspane, jego głos kojący każdego dnia już do końca mojego życia. I jego dłoń, głaszczącą moje włosy, czuć, bo wtedy wiem, że jest blisko… I ja - j e s t e m.
— Wiktoria Błędzka
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July 04 2018

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oh gods.
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July 01 2018

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Painted Street Carpets Connect Modern Cities to Ancient Ornamentation by Arthur-Louis Ignoré

Arthur-Louis Ignoré, also known as Ali, paints white patterned carpets on public sidewalks and passageways in cities across the world, including recent installations throughout France and Finland. The works are inspired by both geometric and botanical patterns found in ancient ornamentation from a wide range of cultural contexts. By combining the patterns into public works, he showcases the diversity found in our modern cities while providing a domestic aesthetic that contrasts the often brutalist feel of urban environments.

Currently the artist lives in Rennes, France, where a few years ago he painted his largest installation to date. The 10,000-square-foot mandala was painted on the roof of the Social Welfare Family Allowance building, and visually created links between works Ali produced in both Montreal and New York City. You can see more of his painted carpet installations on Instagram and Behance.

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June 29 2018

Climate prediction by logic thought 1912
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June 28 2018

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